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Our rapid, user-friendly process minimizes wait time, letting clients quickly choose their ideal team with flexible timing, from hourly to yearly.

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ONVATECH ensures excellence by delivering top-tier solutions through a skilled team, guaranteeing high-quality work and an impressive success rate.

Advanced Tech

Our professionals are skilled in utilizing advanced technology within their field. As a result, we adopt a contemporary and proficient approach to our work.

Our Developement Software:

As a comprehensive technology solutions provider, our company specializes in development software. In the realm of website development, we create dynamic and visually appealing sites, incorporating responsive design and advanced e-commerce solutions. Our software development expertise extends to custom solutions, application modernization, and scalable enterprise-level applications. We are at the forefront of mobile technology, offering innovative and user-friendly mobile app development for both Android and iOS platforms.

Additionally, our team provides strategic technology consulting, guiding clients through architecture decisions and aligning technology roadmaps with business goals. We prioritize user experience through meticulous UI/UX design and ensure the reliability of our solutions with rigorous quality assurance and testing.

Our capabilities also include seamless technology integration, continuous support, and maintenance, ensuring that our clients’ software stays current, secure, and aligned with evolving needs.


Alumni Platform

Connects graduates, fostering networking, career opportunities, and mentorship, creating a vibrant community for lifelong connections and support.

Android & IOS

Android & IOS Development

Involves creating mobile applications for respective operating systems using Java/Kotlin and Swift/Objective-C, respectively.


Website Development

Involves creating and maintaining websites. It encompasses design, coding, and functionality for a seamless user experience.


Jewelry Software Development

Crafts efficient solutions for inventory management, sales tracking, and design creation, enhancing the jewelry industry's operations.


CRM Software Development

Involves creating applications to manage customer relationships, streamline processes, and enhance communication for businesses' optimal performance.

Real Estate

Estate Software

Streamlines property management, listings, and transactions, enhancing efficiency and organization for real estate professionals and businesses.



Integrate technology for efficient urban management, improving infrastructure, transportation, energy, and public services for sustainability and connectivity.

Employee Leave


Focuses on creating user-friendly, visually appealing interfaces, enhancing user experience through intuitive navigation and aesthetic design principles.